The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers developing and applying the FP-LMTO method to discuss (1) the development of the open-source RSPt code and its possible evolution; (2) to present the formalism and technical details of the most recent implementations; (3) to highlight recent advanced use of RSPt; and (4) to identify new needs and especially to enhance international collaborations on method and software development.

The workshop is suitable for researchers and postgraduate students who wish to learn about the FP-LMTO method, users and potential users of RSPt. In addition to the formal sessions with invited contributions, there will be tutorial sections on the use of the RSPt code.

Ann Mattsson, Sandia National Laboratories

Previous workshops:
2006, in Uppsala, Sweden
November 5-9, 2007, in Belem, Brazil

Future workshops:
Italy in 2009